My first blog post in English! Wow, that's exciting and it feels so right. I get more and more requests from foreign couples (yay!) and now it is time to take this step. My website is now available in English, except for my previous blog posts.
New is also my account on Instagram that I decided to call Up and Away with Love. It will fully focus on my work as a wedding photographer and hopefully it will inspire and engage couples who are planning their weddings. I will be personal. But I will stick to subjects whitin wedding photography and as a brandowner. I want you to know who I am and how I work.
I still have my account named @rebeccawallinfotograf left, where I mix my work as a freelance photographer, my work as SEO and creative director of @frikommunikation and as the founder and photographer at Other things that I will keep on showing, is my life as a mother, my collaboration with other companies etc. All good?

Currently, my prices are being updated for the next, great season in 2017. I will present a lot of news in the near future and I look forward to show them to you guys. I've decided to turn off the reservation for 2017  now in October - November but it opens again the 1 December 2016. Of course, I will deal with all inquiries in the order they come in.

Please, comment about what you think about my updated website and Instagram!
With joy,

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